About us

Fund My Future helps students in need close the college funding gap. We provide a platform for them to showcase their potential, demonstrate their need and start initiatives to raise funds for essential costs and supplies. We help our students connect with donors in their communities and from around the country. Moreover, our platform enables donors to join these students' support networks, to stay updated on their progress and to give advice and motivation. The low college graduation rate of students in need is not easy to fix, but by giving a voice to those who deserve to be heard by allowing them to ask for help, we believe we can make progress one student at a time.

How does it work?
On Fund My Future, students have the ability to create a profile outlining their funding need (in this case a laptop for college), their personal story, and why you should support them. Fund My Future, as an organization, verifies the student's information through their school and approves the student profile for publication on www.fundmyfuture.org.

Donors can then make a donation to help fund the student's funding need through Paypal using our site by clicking the "Fund Anissa" button on the student profile. Fund My Future then ensures that funds go where they are supposed to by purchasing the laptop for the student and distributing it through their school.

Our goal is to remove some of the financial barriers to attending college by allowing students to engage their community and members of the public to help pay for things not covered by loans or scholarships. While we are currently only funding laptops for students, we will be expanding to funding other college related expenses in the near future, including tuition, books, meal plans, etc., - all through a validated, secure process.

Why should you support a student through Fund My Future?

Earning a bachelor's degree, now more than ever, is a critical step to success. But only 12 percent of students from low-income families obtain a bachelor's by age 24, compared to 73 percent of higher-income students.* The increasing cost of higher education makes the dreams of many students in need harder to reach. While students are often given a package of scholarships and loans to cover many of the costs of college, there is still an amount that  is left for the family or student to pay. Many families can afford to make this contribution, but some cannot. According to the College Board, on average students have to cover $2,900 in college costs from their own pocket. For students in need, this funding gap often leads to working long hours to support themselves, losing focus on their studies, and ultimately, dropping out of school. By allowing students to ask for help with these funding needs on Fund My Future, we hope to remove a financial barrier that would otherwise cause these students to drop out of school. With your help, we can help these students complete their college degrees and make a profound impact on their future.

* According to the Pell Institute